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Working at vwd
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You’ll find all the positions we currently want to fill at our international locations in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland in our Jobs Portal. If we are not currently advertising the right job for you, you are also welcome to make a speculative application and we’ll see whether we can profitably deploy you in one of our departments.

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That is what the colleagues say





IT Specialist in Applications Development






Software Developer






Director IT
Infrastructure & Operations


"I first discovered my passion for IT when I was in upper school. After a four-month internship in the industry, I was in no doubt: That’s what I wanted to do for my career!


I was first made aware of vwd through a large advertising banner at the firm’s headquarters in Kaiserslautern. I did some more research, and all my impressions were positive. Already at the job interview and during a trial day, I had the feeling of being welcome. In the meantime I have completed my training as an IT specialist in application development. Currently I am mainly involved in programming applications in the development department, a varied task with many facets.

Acquiring knowledge inside and outside of IT development
Both within the firm and at vocational school, I have already got to know the fields of application of various software variants, for example, and have also learned how to use, install and configure them. I have also become acquainted with various different development environments and programming techniques, as well as code analysis, code design, program generation as such, and the documentation and testing of programs. But I have also acquired knowledge in areas outside of development pure and simple, things such as market and customer relations, commercial aspects of the day-to-day work, legal forms and structure of the firm, data protection and copyright, system maintenance, networks, technical marketing and so on.

I am particularly interested in the various programming techniques, programming languages and development tools. There are quite simply so many ways and possibilities for implementing the programs, adding to them and presenting them that development, programming and testing never becomes boring and makes every working day varied and informative.

Keeping constantly up to date
In the course of my training at vwd, I can always rely on comprehensive support and assistance. I am involved in different projects and can acquire knowledge that is crucial for my professional development. The IT world is in a process of constant change, so you also have to keep constantly up to date. At vwd, I am being very well prepared for that, but at the same time I have the chance to consolidate the knowledge and skills I have acquired previously.

The atmosphere at vwd is familiar and friendly, making working there a pleasure. Nor do I need to be afraid of asking silly questions, because at vwd no questions are regarded as silly.

"Developing new systems and so helping to make working and private life easier for large numbers of people – that is what fascinates me about my work."


My attention was already drawn to vwd at my university. There, there was an association engaged in promoting IT, the “Förderverein Informatik”, with which vwd had a cooperation and invited people to an information day. Among other things, flexible working hours and the possibility for part-time working were factors that strongly influenced my decision to work for vwd.

As a software developer, my job is to maintain and expand the interfaces of various IT systems. However, I also have to do directly with vwd’s customers – which is of great benefit to me in my career development. Additionally, I find the ever new tasks and challenges exciting, and enjoy acquiring knowledge in everything to do with the financial markets.

Working towards the same goal
My colleagues and I are characterized by a professional and goal-oriented approach to our work. But I also like the friendly tone and good atmosphere at vwd. Everyone works towards the same goal, which is to offer the customers a comprehensive and professional range of services. We succeed in doing that because the close cooperation between the individual sites enables us to supply good, complete solutions and provide optimum support for our customers.

"I enjoy having contact with people in other countries whose cultural background is also different."


I have always found the capital markets thrilling. So a company that combines financial services and the necessary IT systems seemed the perfect employer for me. That is why I started my professional career at “Tijd Beursmedia” in Amsterdam, which was taken over by the vwd group in 2008. Altogether, I have now been working for this company for 17 years.

Today, I work for the vwd group as Director IT Infrastructure & Operations, with responsibility for the Data Centre, IT Infrastructure and IT Operations activities. One of my important tasks is bringing together the skills at various sites in different countries and setting up teams to collaborate on a cross-group basis. As it is an international, group-wide position, I also do a lot of travelling, especially to our head office in Frankfurt. I enjoy having contact with people in other countries, whose cultural background is also different.

From technician to senior manager
vwd has given me the opportunity to develop from my career beginnings as a technician in the year 1999 to being a senior manager with group-wide activities. I would like to go further in this position and gradually optimise the IT Infrastructure and IT Operations activities more and more. In this process, I draw very much energy from the collaboration with teams with which I share a positive attitude and which are also driven by the urge to learn from the past for the future.

I particularly value the dynamic interaction with and among my colleagues, as well as the open and direct style of communication. For our projects, close communication is important. We have to be able to rely on one another and appreciate the commitment of each individual. The vwd group is characterized by comprehensive know-how in many different areas, and it offers valuable opportunities for employees who wish to develop further and demonstrate responsibility along with personal commitment.

What we Offer you


Flexible working times

At the vwd group we use trust-based working time in order to provide the highest possible flexibility for everyone. Therefore you can adapt your working life to your individual needs – and not the other way round. For example, we offer –(depending on the relevant workplace): Part-time models, Flexi-time, Home office and tele-working



Modern workplace

It is important to us that you feel comfortable with us. To make work fun, we offer you a workplace with modern infrastructure and communication technologies (e.g. Skype for Business) so that you can work from anywhere. Depending on the location, our offices are equipped with height-adjustable desks and quiet and creative rooms.


Performance-related payment

Your commitment deserves our recognition. We therefore offer our employees competitive and performance-related compensation as well as attractive special benefits such as a fixed salary commensurate with their position in management and sales functions, we offer an appropriate variable compensation, company pension scheme or company cars for certain employee groups.


Further education

If you don't continue your education, you stop. Therefore you receive not only a qualified induction, but we will also promote your continuous development. In cooperation with your manager, you regularly determine at which points you need new knowledge and how to obtain it. And one thing is certain: Those who get involved in our team have the chance of more responsibility, new perspectives and more extensive fields of activity.



We are a recognised training company among other things for the apprenticeship professions IT Specialist for Application Development and IT Specialist for System Integration at various locations.


Voluntary additional benefits

  • Jobticket (currently Frankfurt only)
  • Subsidised staff restaurant in Frankfurt
  • Participation in various company runs (e.g. JP Morgan Chase Frankfurt)
  • Paid leave in special cases

The team